Rehabilitation Referrals
& Care Navigation

Expert Guidance & Advocacy
Every Step Of The Way

Our referral specialists and care navigation team works closely with you from the start, continuing through every stage of recovery, to provide guidance, education and support. We view every case as unique and work with you to review all options and formulate the best possible plan for each individual.

In any location, for a child or adult, inpatient or outpatient, doctors or therapists, specialty treatments or intensive therapy, we will guide you, advocate for you and reach out to the facility or provider on your behalf.

Our care navigation team is always available to follow up, advocate and act as liaison with facilities and medical providers. We will help ensure that every possible need is met every step of the way with the goal of optimal recovery.

Ask Our Referral Specialists About

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Physicians and Brain Injury Specialists

Inpatient Facilities:

Acute, Sub-Acute and Post-Acute

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LTAC (Long Term Acute Care)

Ventilator Units

Outpatient Therapy:

Therapy Centers, Facility-Based, Private Practice

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Physical, Occupational and Speech-Language Therapists

Specialized Therapy and Treatment Programs

Neuropsychologists and Other Cognitive Specialists

You don’t have to do it alone.

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