About BINA

BINA assists stroke and brain injury survivors of all ages and their families, providing critical guidance and expertise at each stage of the complex rehabilitation process. Since its founding in 2003 BINA has assisted over 5,000 individuals with neurological, spinal and other medically complex diagnoses. 

The brain controls everything we do, and an injury can cause significant and life-altering physical, cognitive and emotional deficits. Our mission is to meet every need and ensure that no brain injury survivor is alone as they struggle to navigate the long and difficult road to recovery.

Our Story

The founders of BINA experienced the upheaval of brain injury first hand when a close family member suffered a severe stroke at the young age of 27. BINA was created in 2003 to ensure that brain injury survivors and their families are not alone as they struggle to navigate the overwhelming journey along the road to rehabilitation. BINA is the only organization based in the Jewish community providing a unique and comprehensive system of services to stroke, brain injury and spinal injury survivors and their families.