About Us


The founders of BINA experienced the upheaval of brain injury firsthand when a close family member suffered a severe stroke at the young age of 27. BINA was created in 2003 to ensure that brain injury survivors and their families are not alone as they struggle to navigate the overwhelming journey along the road to rehabilitation.

Since our founding, we have assisted over 5,000 individuals with neurological, spinal, and medically complex diagnoses and thousands more of their close family members. We are the only organization based in the Jewish community providing a unique and comprehensive system of services to stroke, brain injury, and spinal injury survivors and their families.

Our Team

Chavie Glustein, CBIS

[email protected]
Founder and Director

Shani Ehrenpreis, PhD

[email protected]
Educational Advocate

Elana Felder

[email protected]
Program Coordinator, Referral Specialist

Tzippy Friedler

[email protected]
Case Manager, Referral Specialist

Leah Horowitz

[email protected]
Insurance and Entitlements Specialist

Chani Kahn, LAC

[email protected]
Family Support

Avi Krakauer

[email protected]
Director of Development

Channa Leibowitz, MS, CCC-SLP

[email protected]
Spinal Injury Services, Referral Specialist

Esther Nemetsky, PA-C, MS

[email protected]
Medical Advocate

Elchanan Schwarz, LMHC, LPC

[email protected]
Director of Crisis Intervention and Family Support

Rochel Zoldan, PT

[email protected]
Referral Specialist, South Florida

Board of Directors

Naftali Horowitz, Chair

Richard Bobo

Chavie Glustein

Avi Schron

Rabbinical Advisory Board

Rabbi Shlomo Feivel Schustal

Rabbi David Ozeiry

Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Rabbi Elya Brudny

Rabbi Yaakov Bender