BINA works extensively with each family on every referral to allow them to make informed decisions and formulate the best possible rehabilitation plan for their loved one. From an initial referral to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, which is often immediately post-injury, to referrals for outpatient therapy and specialized treatment programs months and even years later, BINA is at the family’s side throughout the long road to rehabilitation. BINA’s staff follows up at every stage and is available to advocate and act as liaison with facility staff and medical providers to ensure that every possible need is met every step of the way.

Referrals Include

Acute, Sub-acute
& Post-acute
Rehabilitation Facilities

LTAC Facilities
(Long Term Acute Care)


Outpatient Therapy

Physical, Occupational
& Speech
Language Therapists
Physiatrists &
Other Physicians &
Therapists with
brain injury expertise
Specialized therapy
& treatment programs
Mental Health:
Psychologists/ Neuropsychologists;
Social Workers