BINA Stroke & Brain Injury Assistance

Brain injury can occur to anyone, at any age, at any time… uprooting lives and throwing families into turmoil… BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance provides guidance and support to thousands of stroke and brain injury survivors and their families of all ages at every stage of the long road to rehabilitation.

Sunday January 13, 2019

6:00PM Program Begins at 7:00PM

El Caribe

5945 Strickland Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11234




Dr. Steven

Physician Leadership Award


Natalie &
David Batalion

Visionary Partners Award


Elchanan Schwarz

Distinguished Community Service Award

Josh Mehlman Dinner Chairman

Dinner Committee

Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Yeshaya Alpert(Lakewood)
Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Caller (Brooklyn)
Ben & Smadar Chafetz (Cleveland)
Mr. & Mrs. Shrage Goldschmidt (Brooklyn)
Malkiel Gradon (Los Angeles)
Shimshi Gross (Toronto)

Mr. & Mrs. Yehudah Hoffner (Brooklyn)
Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Ingber (Lakewood)
Avraham Krawiec (Lakewood)
Linda & Avi Laub (West Orange)
Rabbi & Mrs. Yisroel Matzliach (Chicago)
Rabbi & Mrs. Yosef Paluch (Brooklyn)
Mr. & Mrs. Yoely Perl (Monroe)

Rabbi & Mrs. Yitzchok Shloma Polatsek (Monroe)
Dr. Joe & Lori Rozehzadeh (West Orange)
Yitzi Scheinerman (Lakewood)
Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tepfer (Brooklyn)
Mr. & Mrs. Moish Tohn (Cleveland)
Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuel Wallerstein (Brooklyn)
Rabbi & Mrs. Josh Zern (Cedarhurst)

Board Of Directors

Naftali Horowitz Chairman

Richard Bobo
Shmuel Rieder


Jacob Dvorkes
Avi Schron

Carl Lerner

Ad Deadline January 7, 2019

All ads received by January 7, 2019 will be included in both the virtual journal* and the printed copies that will be presented to honorees.
Ads received after January 7, 2019 will only be included in the virtual journal.

* Virtual journal will be displayed on screens and distributed on USB drives at the dinner, and viewable after the event at www.binausa.org.


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